Phoenix from the ashes

2 June 2012

To my hoards of avid and dedicated fans *ahem*...

Apologies, apologies for the distinct absence of posts these past few months. After a stuttery start of two posts on this new blog, I became somewhat distracted by the multitude of other crafty delights scattered about the internet. Huge, whizz bang and sexily addictive platforms like Pinterest have led onto niche and stunningly beautiful websites and blogs, which in turn have produced sighs of delights, daydreams of a Skandi minimalist lifestyle and sleepless nights resulting from too much visual stimulation.

I have also come to the conclusion that Things Wot I Have Made (or TWIHM for acronyms' sake) - not that I have made much recently, what with hours frittered away on 'tinternt -  is arguably the frumpiest blog around.


So how to rectify this situation? Well, putting finger to keyboard would obviously be a good start. And maybe finishing off a project or ten that's mouldering at the bottom of a basket somewhere. But there's another disadvantage that I shall have to overcome.  It appears that the authors of virtually ALL the pretty and arguably most successful blogs are graphic designers / interior designers / photographers / fine arty types...

... which does make sense but is disheartening for a mere art historian who's better at writing about pretty things, rather than putting them together.


How to make TWIHM sexy? I want a blog that's a balance of "geek chic" and "postmodern craftiness". And I mean craftiness of the knitting needle - rather than eminence grise - kind. 

Frumptastic is not what we're looking for.

Jolly good thing the nice people over at the rather successful Decor8 have an e-course that will help induce this unwilling phoenix chick from a Matterhorn-sized pile of ashes. The course started yesterday. I'm late for class already.


Katti said...

Get thee to it, wench! Hie thee hence!!

Zoe F. Willis said...

Ah, Williams, I cherish your words of encouragement. :-)