Hoopla Yarn : New Project I

26 August 2012

Remember how I was struggling a wee while back with Hoopla Yarn? Wondering what on earth to do with the stuff that wouldn't turn it into some sort of soft furnishing abomination? Well, I emailed the company and let them know of my travails.

Wonderfully - rather than brutally mocking my attempts at extreme crocheting - the new distributor, Karen Lacey, replied sympathetically with some ideas and a link to Hoopla's Pinterest board.

This got the creative juices flowing. I don't just have to knit this stuff. I can ravel it as well.

And here's the result.

It's a scarf. But it's a necklace. But it's a scarf. But it's a statement piece. But it's a scarf. AND it's machine washable at 30 degrees C.

Please try and imagine that Tim Walker, Mario Testino or Tommy Ton took the photos, thus giving this textured statement piece (Necklace? Scarf?) the proper representational treatment that it deserves.

In three words; Hurrah for Hoopla! Now I just need to think about what to do with the rest of my stash. How many statement neck things does a girl actually need?
  (Images: Zoë F. Willis)

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