The Designers: The Renegade Craft Fair, London

25 September 2012

It may not have been the most sparkling of reviews, but it shouldn't detract from quality of  the artists and crafty types selling their wares at the Renegade Craft Fair. Here are my pick of the lot, with an emphasis (naturally) on those with a textiley bent to their work.

To begin with the charming Kim Smith of Art Equals Happy, spinning her own dyed wool. It seems Kim was the face of the fair as I've seen her on a number of other blogs and the RCF website itself. Well done, Kim!

It was during an internship at Prick Your Finger that Kim learned the retrotastic and enviably useful skill of spinning. before launching her small range of wools.

On sale were deliciously named skeins of Cookies and Cream or Toffee Caramel Taffy spun from the fleeces of sheep raised on this green, pleasant but occasionally windblasted and sodden land. What to knit, what to knit?

But whilst you're considering that, do have a go at Kim's digital embroidery patterns. They're Harry Potter themed.

There's so much that's right about that combination of boy wizard and embroidery. Once you think about it.

Continuing on the themes of stitching and thought-provocation we come to the embroidery sampler kits of Miso Funky.

When in doubt - particularly when doing battle with an especially recalcitrant soufflé or curdled crème anglais or eyebrow-singeing flambé - just ask, "What Would Delia Do?"
I do like this gentle ribbing of a primness usually associated with nineteenth-century samplers. The one on the top right is particularly startling and does cause one to chuckle at the thought of some virginal vicar's daughter in the Cotswolds meticulously working away on such a piece circa 1815.

An unlikely scenario, granted. But an amusing whimsy to nonetheless consider.

Speaking of whimsy we simply must bring our attention to Miwary. Originally trained in fashion design, Miwa Vicary appears to have found her forte in tiny packets of cute (yes, that word is applicable here), kitsch, hand-stitched and totally desirable... well, whimsyness.

You're eyes are not deceiving you. It's an entire necklace made out of hand-stitched hamster heads. AMAZING.

It looks like all the pattern cutting that came with her training has set her up in good stead for turning 2D ideas into 3D mini sculptures. I do hope that one day some craft publishing house will take Miwa on board and produce a book with some of her delicious patterns in there so that we could all have a go.

By the way I now have a fabric teacup in my life. It's for holding things. You know, the general delectable clutter of life. Like washi tape

Finally, and nothing to do with textiles, but everything to do with Palladio's Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, but in miniature and made of lazer-cut birch... *drum roll*...

... *dancing girls*...

... *crash of a huge gong or giant cymbals, I'm not fussed which*...

Mr. Nico's mini theatre.


Ok, so I may have projected the Palladian vision upon it. But what fun! I'd be attempting a very tiny Goldoni comedy with this. Il servitori di due padroni, anyone? Unleash those periwigs...

(Images: Zoë F. Willis)

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