Luscious Business Cards

5 February 2013

Well, I thought I would take the plunge and try to get a bit professional with this writing malarkey.

Thus I've ordered some business cards to at least attempt to look the part at all those elegant soirées and champagne luncheons that litter my life at the moment (Ahem!).
I'm not quite at a stage where bespoke Smythson or Il Papiro cards are an option but I've found a surprisingly charming, off-the-rack alternative. Courtesy of Moo Cards.
I've decided upon an "old skool" feel. Actually, a decidedly 19th-century feel with an utterly desirable paper marbling effect on one side and a faux letterpress image on the other.

Here's a teaser of what's coming...

Back cover of Plutarch, Moralische Schriften (Moralia), Vol. 1, trans by Johann Christian Felix Bähr, Stuttgart 1828/1829 

Endpapers from Giacomo Leopardi, Œuvres, vol. 2, France c. 1880
Oooh, the lusciousness of it all.
Yes, these card will be the perfect shorthand for "lapsed art historian meets world of freelance writing in and amongst mothering duties and crafty pursuits". Naturally.

If nothing else they will provide little pops of nostalgia, flinging me back to world of PhD research in Venice surrounded by piles, nay MOUNTAINS, of marble-paper'd tomes.

I'm giving Moo Cards a go as Vista Print do an excellent line in "underwhelming"... which is not what we're looking for at all.

When the cards arrived I'll report back on quality, look and so forth.

For now, if you need some chic business cards that won't cost a limb, kidney or national budget of a small African nation, here's a link for a 10% discount.

Happiness all round.

Images: Aristeas courtesy of Wikipedia Creative Commons


Laura said...

Ooooh ... your new cards sound lovely! I hope they turn out just as good as you hoped. I've used MOO many times for business cards with my photos of the Amalfi Coast on one side and simple text on the others. Darn Italy and London being so far apart ... we could organize our own art history soiree! ;-)

Zoe F. Willis said...

Indeed, Laura, they are "totes lush" (to deploy a bit of youthful and local vernacular). Right, next time you're over, we're sorting out a shindig.