The Simple Things Magazine- I've been published!

28 August 2013

How terribly exciting. Issue 14 of The Simple Things magazine is out at the moment and if you turn to pages 50-53 you'll see an article wot I wrote. It's nothing about textiles, wool or London (for a change) but is all about fruit. Bet you weren't expecting that, were you?

Get your magnifying glass out. In the bottom left hand corner is my name... in print!

Karim Habibi of Keepers Nursery in Kent was the willing interviewee and keen exponent of traditional British orchard fruit varieties. And all those stunning photos of quinces, medlars and obscure yet delicious apple varieties?

So much fruit. So many ways to cook and eat them. Just where to begin?

Nope. Not mine. Pfffff! I'm just not that good (yet). They're all Karim's and it's fantastic that they're out there for all the world - well, the 50,000-odd readers of The Simple Things and 30-odd followers of TWIHM - to see.

I must admit as fun as this blogging malarky is, what with the immediacy of instant publication into the blogosphere and the creative flexibility the medium affords...

... it's totally and utterly thrilling to see one's work in print.

Hard copy.

All 1,400 words of it.

Just waiting for some researcher of the future to stumble across and interpolate through some sort of bonkers postmodernist / psychoanalytical / semiotic (delete where applicable) framework.

And after last year's 2 sentence effort it's reassuring to know that I've contributed just a tiny bit more to that awesome collection in the British Library.

Time for another Morris Dance of delight with a medlar tart to follow. Huzzah!

(Image: The Simple Things & Zoë F. Willis)


Laura said...

Congratulations!!! The article looks beautiful ... and is tempting me into an international subscription. :-)

Zoe F. Willis said...

Hi Laura. Thanks muchly. It is indeed a beautiful magazine to be enjoyed with lashings of tea and mountains of cake. Or orchard fruit. It depends how virtuous you're feeling.

Traveling Mama said...

How exciting!! Congrats! The photos are a stunning accompaniment!

Zoe F. Willis said...

Hello Tina. Thank you for the comment. I'm so very pleased for Karim. Photographing the Nursery's fruit was a hobby of his and he didn't think anyone would be interested! But the pictures are so beautiful. Hopefully this will lead on to wonderful things for him.