A Crochet Collar

21 February 2014

I'm doing quite a bit of knitting at the moment, what with cardigans for progeny, cardigans for me, temptingly beautiful lacework'd T-shirt thingies on the cover of Pom Pom Quarterly...

But I do like a bit of crochet. I love the fact that if you muck things up it's a simple case of taking out the hook, pulling the yarn and the stiches out before inserting hook back into relevant loop.


None of the soul-destroying moments of desolating realisation that you will never be able to get back the next two days of your life when your knitting needle slips out of a row before falling in awful slow motion and crashing like a cymbal upon the floor. It's bloomin' fiddly putting all those stitches on without twisting or dropping or splitting in half. Which is a pretty good incentive to be a very, very precise knitter with lightening quick reactions and some decent needle stoppers.

But back to the crochet. There's none of that faff. However I've been off the wagon for a bit so thought, before launching in to Erika Knight's chunky textured throw, I should get my hand back in. Cue a charming project of French-inspired loveliness in Simply Crochet, issue 34 I believe it was...

A collar.

Something that can make a simple T shirt or turtle neck a thing of beauty.

I'd bought some Rowan Cotton DK at Hoop Haberdashery (machine washable. The cotton yarn, not Hoop. But ease of machine washability is key to any sort of garment associated with a person under the age of 15. And mothers too. It's amazing how mucky we get.) and instead of the floral motifs suggested in the Simply Crochet pattern went with buttons instead.

So you can see the final result at the top of this post. It was a lovely, easy and quick piece to make. I should possibly have made it smaller or waited until the progeny was big enough to carry it off more like a collar rather than a lapel, but hey ho. Thus is life.

(Images: Zoë F. Willis)

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