Knitted Toilet Roll Covers

25 April 2014

Because it's Friday.

Because I am feeling frivolous and (truth be told) still somewhat startled by last year's birthday present...

 ...thus I thought I should share with all and sundry some of the highlights of the said birthday present.

 A gift from a sibling who shall remain nameless. A sibling with a penchant for novelty gifts.

 I feel "novel" is an appropriate adjective to describe this particular gift.

I had no idea that there was a void in the contemporary interior design canon for toilet roll covers. Much less knitted ones.

But clearly there is. A void that had been there since circa 1979 when the last Flamenco dancer toilet roll cover (or was it a Southern Belle with a fulsome skirt? Either way. There was a lot of polyester involved) rolled off the production line.

This book has plugged that void. Today, all those who find the sight of an uncovered toilet roll too shocking - swaggering and bold in its implied function - will no longer have their sensibilities ruffled. Put away the smelling salts! Tighten up your corset again! Decorum is restored.

 Now the challenge is to pick which toilet roll cover the aforementioned sibling would prefer.

 I will have to find out the lavatory's colour scheme and take it from there.

Phew. That was cathartic. I feel less startled now.

(Images: Zoë F. Willis)

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