A Hypothetical Interview 

You, the Dear Reader: Hi. This picture of tulips, sweet william and a thank you card. Lovely, but… why?

Zoë F. Willis : Ah, Dear Reader, frankly I’m thrilled that you’ve not only stumbled across mon petit blog but you persevered enough to find out a few things about me. Think of it as a virtual and visual gesture of gratitude.

DR: Oh. That’s very kind. But who are you?

ZFW: Mother. Writer. Lapsed Art Historian. And I like to make things when I can find the time. Oh, and I'm jolly lucky as some terribly interesting textiley, fashiony, crafty types seem happy to let me chat with them. I then get to write it up and publish it here. 

I occasionally have Big Thoughts about the economic, social and creative implications of the textile and woolly world. If they are fortunate and survive the resultant vat of tea that accompanies my intellectual mulling process, said Big Thoughts will end up in a rambly post here as well.

In case you hadn't notice, the name of the blog - not, I will grant you, the pithiest one in the world of bloggery- is the theme running throughout.

DR: Just out of curiosity, do you have a presence beyond the intermeweb? If you do, where will I have seen your stuff?

ZFW: Indeed, I am dabbling in the world beyond TWIHM. You'll have spotted my work in venerable publications like Selvedge Magazine, Kinfolk's website, The Simple Things, Crafty Magazine & Mollie Makes. I had an online presence musing about London life and British culture for the mob at London Perfect. The portfolio is slowly growing. 

DR: Why are you hiding behind the flora and stationary?

ZFW: Weeeelllll, I’m a bit of a shy creature really. Please bear with me. I will improve. I blame my demure state entirely on a few years of academic research, destroying my eyesight in archives and lurking about libraries just so I could cobble together a doctoral thesis of 100,000 words. If you’re interested, I wrote another blog about my academic endeavours called Medieval Miscellany and Adriatic Adventures.

DR: Crumbs, Dr. Willis! That was ambitious. I like it. In fact, I think I like you.

ZFW: Aw. That's lovely. Thanks. Now, it's time for a celebratory cup of tea and piece of cake. After which - if you fancy - we can knit some socks together.