Crochet Net Scarf

29 September 2011

Now this was a very satisfying project. Simple yet looks utterly fab.

The pattern is from Hikaru NoguchiMade in France: Knitting (Murdoch Books: 2010), a book chock full of fabulously presented projects. It's possibly not the best starting place for a beginner as I've had to "reinterpret" a few of the patterns whilst blundering along but gosh, the end results look so pretty in the book. Hats off to the photographer and stylists as I'm a total sucker for the shabby chic  / Country Living thing that they've got going on.

But back to the scarf.  I've made four in total, three using mohair from the lovely people at the Honorwood Flocks in Wales and one in a DK Artesano Alpaca.  The scarf on show here is one of the mohair numbers and shall soon be gracing the elegant neck of a chum who will be returning from a stint in a war zone. And why not send it to the aforesaid chum as a morale boosting gesture earlier? Well, frankly mohair in any guise - even in khaki or military green hues - is possibly not best for high summer in Central Asia.

Although having said that, it's been so ridiculously warm of late here in Europe it seems unlikely this scarf will ever be worn. Oh autumn, autumn, why hast thou forsaken me?

Baby hat

Aaaah. What better way to start off a new blog than with a baby. 

This cutie is sporting my attempt at the hat from Pickles' Baby Kit for Melker

Instead of the merino wool recommended I tried it out in a white bamboo tape that I picked up in the bargain basket at John Lewis. Originally intended for a new born, the hat proved so ginormous that it only just about fits a four-month old. I know, I know. I should do those tension testing squares before I launch myself into a project but my enthusiasm has resulted in an unexpected sartorial benefit.

If adjusted in the correct manner this masterpiece of milinery has a Phrygian cap  feel to it, thus transforming even the jolliest of infants into a Robespierre-supporting revolutionary.