London Perfect - Just where have I been of late?

17 June 2013


Apologies, people. I've been super busy with writing... a couple of printed article thingies but mostly writing of the London, travel variety rather than the crafty stuff. If you've missed my dubious similes, ambitious tetracolons, tentative flirtations with zeugma and a startling use of a vernacular more associated with a Girls' Own Annual circa 1926 than a blogger in 2013 then you'd best start reading the London Perfect Blog more regularly.

My most recent post was about Royal Ascot and hats. And there are lots of pretty pictures. What's not to enjoy? If you like jewellery I managed to wangle an interview with an up and coming designer called Ciara Bowles and my colleague Laura of Ciao Amalfi! got a ceramicist - Linda Bloomfield - to join the party. 

Some of the striking earrings and jewellery of Ciara Bowles

I suppose the output of these two count as 'design' rather than 'craft' but hey ho, do enjoy reading about them. Maybe there's some inspiration in there for future projects. At the very least the pictures are totally Pinable.

In the meantime I promise future posts on TWHIM about exciting things like When Amigurumi goes Wrong and Cabling: A Bobbleless Bobble Hat Three Years in the Making. But for now, if you just don't fancy any London-based witterings and NEED craftiness then have a look at this marvellous knitting video.

It's from Susan Crowe's hilarious Damn, Knit and Blast It blog (one of my favourites) and the film is just charming.

Oh, how I wish I could knit whilst talking rather than going cross eyed and sticking my tongue out in manic concentration when doing anything more complex than knit, purl, knit, purl...

(Images: Nathan Parton, Ciara Bowles)
(Video: via Damn, Knit and Blast It)