London Calling

30 January 2013

There's been an embarrassing surfeit of radio silence here at TWIHM HQ. This dearth of opinion from my small corner of the internet is obviously a great loss to the World of Craft Blogs.

But Craft bloggery's* loss (only for a short while one hopes) appears to be Travel / Culture / Corporate bloggery's gain.

I've got a regular (paid) writing gig. Blogging about London. Explaining why we Brits do what we do and have the grand cultural institutions that we do. Like drink tea or celebrate Burns Night or have a British Museum.

It's brilliant fun. The writing, as well as the tea, whiskey, haggis and men in kilts.

So if you're here at TWIHM for my wry tone, thrilling and haphazard use of the semi colon rather than just for my accomplished deployment of a half treble crochet it might be worth following me over here once a week or so:

For the crafty amongst you I have some terrifically exciting news...

I have a new sewing machine. A Juki HZL G110.

Juki HZL G110. Does it come in "Go Faster" red, I wonder?

Oooh, it's so whizzy. And Japaneesy. With industrial bits in there as well. Review to follow at some point when Chronos bestows a few slivers of time upon me to give the thing a proper test drive as well as sit down and bash out said review.
*Yes, yes I know there's no such term. However for a non-existent word it has a marvellously robust feel to it, which combined with a satisfyingly earthy and vernacular tone demands immediate publication and dissemination.  Hur hur hur.

(Images: Zoë F. Willis)