Travel and Leisure Magazine: Nod to a Blog

6 March 2013

Well now, that's rather good.

Let me explain.

So most of you are aware I have a weekly gig blogging about London for the mob that are known as London Perfect.

Now, I'll grant you it's not about craft, knitting, woolly or textiley things although I do try my best to slyly crowbar a bit of that sort of stuff in there. But the writing is fun and means I get to occasionally flex my formerly toned research muscles as well as explore this Fair Capital. Huzzah and double decker buses all round.

What's rather fabulous is that the American magazine Travel and Leisure (readership about 5 million. Only a smidge more that the the numbers of dedicated fans to TWIHM) has published an article about the Best Villa Rental Agencies in the world. 

And London Perfect is at the top of the list.

And d'you know what's even cooler? The blog got a mention. And it's the only blog noted amongst all 40 companies in the list.


I think a massive congratulations goes out to the main writer, my colleague Laura at Ciao Amalfi, supreme mastermind behind the blog. Time for some celebratory tea, methinks.

(Images: Kenichi Nobusue, Bitboy)