The British Library and Mollie Makes

7 November 2012

It's all about baby steps in this world of freelance writing. 

With in mind that I'd like to make a suitably small announcement:

*drum roll*

*triumphal fanfare*
Ladies and Gentlemen!

My two-paragraphs' worth of copy pertaining to the wonderful Barley Massey of Fabrications (deep breath) can be found in this month's Mollie Makes (p. 53 if you'd like to know)!

*crash of cymbals*

Even with this spectacularly spectacular start to a brave new world without footnotes, the geeky academic in me will never die. What's even more exciting than seeing my name in very, very tiny print in an increasingly popular contemporary craft magazine is the following fact:

My two paragraphs are now preserved for all eternity in the bowels of the British Library

Not even my doctoral thesis has made it there yet. 

Cue some sort of impromtu Morris Dance of delight. And I think another cymbal crash for good measure.

(Image: Mollie Makes)