Phoenix from the ashes II

5 August 2012

I've had this whizz bang blog up for a few of weeks now but thought it might be good - for posterity's sake - to have a spot of compare and contrast between the old and the new. And also a chance to present a small declaration of what the PLAN is for the future of TWIHM.

To start with, the PLAN.
I'd like to interview people. Interesting people who are doing exciting things in the craft world. Ambitious types with a creative bent. I've been curating a hit list and hope to convince a few to acquiesce. Do watch this space! Or get in touch if you reckon you fit the aforementioned brief.

And a few reviews are also part of the PLAN. Exhibitions, shops, books and magazines (I've already done one for Pompom magazine)... that sort of thing. From independent pop ups and one offs to established institutions and publications. It's a pretty wide remit but it'll be intriguing to see how it branches out, as I've spotted that this world of craft has many facets. 

That's probably glaringly obvious, but I'm not just talking about the creative "ooooh, look at this magnificent, highly complex and totally desirable jumper I've designed" or "check out the amigurumi crocheted figures of historical figures from my doctoral thesis" side of it. But, for example, how about the social? What is it about certain crafts that binds families and communities together? Or even defines certain social groups? 

Or what about the economic networks that various crafts are a part of? Take wool for instance. That fluffy stuff from a sheep's back was the making of Medieval England and 19th-century Australia. Today it's still a commodity used in a variety of ways, from the mundane yet important (roof insulation, anyone?) to the luxurious and bonkersly excessive (Loro Piana bespoke tailored suit anyone?). Your ball of superwash merino is somewhere in the middle of that range.

You see where I'm going with this? There's a lot to do. At some point I'll have to sit down, do some deeper research and actually define what "Craft" is. Gah. There's no escaping the academic inside.

On a lighter note, this blog -of course - will show Things Wot I Have Made. For better or for worse. Hopefully both my writing and crafty skills shall improve as time passes.

And now to end, an opportunity to "compare and contrast".

So, here's the old blog:

And look around you. There's the new. Courtesy of the lovely design people from Studio 17.

Chalk and cheese, my friends. Chalk and cheese.

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