Cricket Cardigan and Twerking

20 November 2013

A fluffy cardigan. Not bad for a first attempt, even if I do say so myself.
Ta da!

It's been a while but at last here is...


Remember the fluffy angora tension squares that became part of the decor of Upsy Daisy's bijoux apartment?

Well, the remainder of the yarn became the Cricket Cardigan.

Oooh. I do like that textured yoke.
It looks suitably retro and sweet. Perfect for a toddler. Ok, so the buttons are a bit wonky. I may have forgotten to use a larger needle when I bound off the ribbing on the cuffs so they're a bit tight. And the neckline has gone a bit loose and "hangy" (is there even such a word?) in recent days.

However, I put the hangy neckline down to the fact the cherub has been wearing said flufftastic cardigan almost nonstop since it was finished. Huzzah! How satisfying and timely considering we're due a frost-bitingly cold snap in the next day or so. A wintery autumnalness is coming.

What's also kinda fab is that fluffy mohair jumpers seem to be the thing amongst the local hipsters of Hackney so the cherub has unwittingly become a trendsetter.

My favourite unwitting hipster in all of the People's Republic of Hackney sporting the trendiest of fluffy knitwear.

Much to her un-trendy mother's amazement.

Long may her trendsetting in sensible woollen clothing continue, well into the teens and beyond. I've been observing the late teen antics of poor Miley Cyrus and the consternation her recent "twerking"* has caused. My biggest concern is that due to a lack of knitwear and - occasionally - even clothing, she must get terribly cold most of the time and probably lives in constant fear of catching 'flu or a kidney infection. I do hope my daughter will forever embrace the sensible path of warmth, for health reasons if not sartorial ones.

*On an aside, to emphasise my lack of trendiness I had to ask a chum recently (who is not a mother of a toddler and knows what's happening in contemporary popular culture) what this "twerking" is that people have been getting all het up about. Once it was explained, I was baffled. How exhausting it must be for all these young ladies to twerk when you could be having a cup of tea and knitting a cardigan instead.

Why twerk when you could watch a blocked cardigan dry instead?
I prefer Barry Cryer's definition in this week's I'm sorry I haven't a clue on Radio 4 (ah, Radio 4. The main reason I'm completely oblivious to what's happening in contemporary pop culture);

'Twerk: something that happens in Yorkshire between 9am and 5pm.


(Images: Zoë F. Willis)


Alli said...

What a fabulous and beautiful sweater! I think if I were to knit one for my own cherub that such a sweet item would be wasted on an energetic six year-old boy, in which case I shall just have to knit one for myself!

Zoe F. Willis said...

Thank you Alli. There is in fact an adult version of this cardigan which I will be attempting soon...