Craftacular Cometh

4 December 2013

In the early, early days of this blog I found a crafter happy to eat cake, drink tea and answer a few questions I had regarding craft, creativity and the binding of generations and community through making. Nothing too weighty there then...

That crafter was Chloé Burrow of the Merry Bobbins. Today she's organising BUST Magazine's London Craftacular, this Sunday Dec 8, 12-6pm at Bethnal Greens' York Hall. I would expect nothing less of Miss Burrow to organise a Craft Fair of superlative quality and academic pedigree.

Craftacular at York Hall, Old Ford Road in Bethnal Green
Let me explain: one of BUST Magazine's founders is Debbie Stoller. Armed with a PhD in psychology 'twas she who articulated a way in which Feminism and traditional (read: oppressive) "feminine" pursuits e.g knitting, crochet and handicrafts et al could live happily together. You've heard of Stitch and Bitch, I presume? She's the woman who started it all, reassuring us that we didn't need to burn our knitting needles and reject generations' worth of skill and knowledge in order to be a Feminist. 

And fortunately, if you want to be a modern-thinking woman who fancies taking up macramé, you don't need to burn your bra either. Relief all round methinks.

Anyhoo, appropriately BUST established a Craftacular in oh-so-hip Brooklyn yonks ago and luckily decided to set up shop in oh-so-hip-as-well-as-slightly-self-deprecating East London. This is a craft fair where some super smashing design talent - both established and new kids on the block - can show us all just how good they are. And we can purchase some Christmas Presents Beyond Compare for Our Loved Ones in one fell swoop. I do like that.

Cushions made out of vintage tea towels. YESSSSS.
Amongst the designers present will be famed types such as the Poet of Papercraft, Rob Ryan, whilst the marvellous Tatty Devine has given prizes for the raffle (more of which later) and delights in goody bags for ten lucky recipients. There will also be a space - the titillatingly punn'd BOOBTIQUE - for sustainable fashion as well as workshops led by the likes of Fabrications and Make, Thrift London.

Rob Ryan and the Shoreditch Sisters branch of the Women's Institute. Modernity, tradition and a papercraft guru all around one table. Only at Craftacular.
And there's a raffle. I do love a good raffle. There's the adrenalin-charged thrill of it. Good thing I'm not allowed near the gee-gees these days otherwise I'd be in penury. Fortunately, there's small chance of penury and a greater chance of a prize with Supermarket Sarah's BUST Craftacular Raffle draw. Click on through to buy your tickets here.

Supermarket Sarah's yuletide display of prizes for the BUST raffle.

Oh, and there will be music. I don't get out much after 6pm these days, so any chance of daytime boppage is always gratefully received. Ideally something that's not too vigorous. Like medieval dancing.

Which leads me on to my final point... I'm going! See you there. I can't wait to see what Miss Burrow has waiting for us all.

(Images: BUST Craftacular London)

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